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Our Services

Assist clients create business value – integrating business goals with technology solutions – in three areas: (1) mobile development, (2)  blockchain, and (3) business value strategy and quantification. We create actionable deliverables using our expertise in both business and technology.


Four Bays Consulting Group is a boutique consultancy that assists organizations obtain quantifiable business value from their digital and technology assets. 

With over 20 years of business, management, and technology expertise we provide a range of business strategy, business architecture, technology architecture, and new technology (iOS, blockchain) development services.

Our industry sweet spot is organizations who develop technology-based B2B or consumer products.

MObile APP Development

Develop iOS apps and then add to App Store. As well, perform iOS project management, requirements definition, architecture design, and associated activities.



All things blockchain! Create blockchain business value strategies, quantify the business value of blockchain solutions, and define blockchain business architectures. Team with blockchain technologists.

Business Value Strategy and Quantification Consulting

Create technology-enabled business strategies. Quantify the business value of technology products via business cases, white papers, and case studies.

We innovate

In addition to our services we are thought leaders, having created white papers, written articles, and presented at conferences, e.g.:

  • Co-author of 2 Harvard Business School white papers

  • Co-author of Data Warehousing: Practical Advise From the Experts

  • Numerous articles and other white papers

Experience is Important

Four Bays Consulting Group has much experience in:

  • Delivering business value to clients
  • Quantifying the business value of technology solution from customer and internal org perspectives
  • Creating iOS apps, adding to the App Store
  • The blockchain ecosystem
  • Writing white papers, competitive analyses, and on-line prospect value calculators